Here are some photos of our home in Florida

…and some photos of general life in Florida (beaches, boats, fish-shacks, manatees, dolphins, sun, sun and more sun!) including various holidays with friends and family here in Sarasota over the years since we moved here in 2005…

…and finally, some photos of our previous life in New England between 1999 and 2005 (lakes, mountains, skiing, motorcycling, whale-watching, fall and cute New England towns!)…

Prior to 1999 we didn’t have a online presence (Geoff did have an email account at DEC in 1990 though!) and all our travel photos are on film (at the moment anyway!).

Click on the photo of Zoey below to see our motley crew of furry children over the years…

We lost Harvey in January 2022 and then Tia in July 2022 and adopted 15 year old Zoey (shown below) in August 2022.

Zoey - August 2022


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