Swimming with Manatees in Florida – February 2009

Jenni swimming with the manatees

Jenni swimming with the manatees

Have just got back to normality (as much as possible 😉 ) after my brother graced our guest facilities for the past 3 weeks J

Had a great time – was a good laugh as usual and amongst the standard FL type activities (speedboat, fish shacks, theatre, beach, swamps etc etc.) we subjected him to a more unusual early morning activity (HORRIBLY early – and by that I mean BEFORE daylight – yikes!!) to go and swim with the manatees up the coast in the springs . It was really amazing – absolutely loved it – EVEN though we were in the water by 6.30am…… L

They were really fun creatures – they swim up to you to check you out and if they fancy what they see (or smell – whatever it is they ARE actually doing 2” from your face!) they’ll come and brush by you, grab with their fins (albeit stubby ones) and roll over like giant cats to get tickled on their stomachs and have a good scratch under their fins J

They were brilliant J. In case you don’t recognize him and wonder who the ugly bloke is with the beard (the one in the black wetsuit as opposed to the one in the grey skin;-) – it’s my brother…for once Geoff was behind the camera ! 😉

Highly recommended for anyone who likes giant water dwellers and pootling round in wetsuits in 72F spring water at dawn J.

Photo’s are at: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1qZEtlZx2TsEekIZqwZluFOPexk_HbSbs?usp=sharing

Hope all is well!


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