Summer in New England and Washington – July/August/September 2015

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Lobster Landing in Clinton, CT

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Summer flew by with more time than usual spent up in the North East this year.

Whilst Geoff enjoyed the limited excitements of the office in Tyson’s Corner, I loitered about aimlessly in Georgetown, Foggy Bottom and the National Mall in Washington enjoying the far lovelier architecture of the city, the National Gallery of Art’s Sculpture Garden and the street cafes… and then followed it with more of the same guided by a local friend well versed in the side streets and neighborhoods of 14th Street, Logan Circle and U Street …she always knows the more interesting areas to hang out in and while away the hours chatting in a caffeinated state of contentment :-).

Aside from the summer heat, humidity and usual city-type busyness of DC we passed our weeks around work and art shows friend-hopping, visiting and catching up with artist friends in various states, one of the highlights of which was house sitting for an art collector friend on the Connecticut coast in Mystic. Much to Geoff’s delight he was also requested to “car sit” so he got to try out the 5.5 litre AMG version of our Mercedes SL 500 🙂 …

… this wasn’t necessarily a good thing, with hindsight ;-).

July, August and September in Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Maine went by in a haze of rocky coastal communities; coastal walks at York Harbor, Maine, on the Marginal Way at Perkin’s Cove, Maine and the coastal trail in Newport, Rhode Island – breathing in the smell of wild beach roses warmed by the summer and early fall sun; coastal marshes; fishing villages; lobster shacks; oyster bars; country forest drives; evening runs along the picturesque Mystic River watching the sun setting on the boats bobbing about in the marina; explorations up the Connecticut River Valley and into the Litchfield Hills; visiting idyllic colonial towns and villages; shopping til I dropped in the boutiques of Portsmouth, New Hampshire… and other quintessentially typical New England summer and fall delights :-).

In addition, (thankfully) I sold a lot of paintings which was, of course, the entire purpose of our summer spent mainly up north 😉 :-).

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  1. My dream summer! I grew up in New England and I can still smell the Rosa Rugosa (beach roses). Love it…thanks for sharing. Call me…maybe that Mercedes isn’t impossible 😉


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