Sailing around Antigua and Barbuda – April 2005

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Half Moon Bay, Antigua

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Chartered a boat out of Antigua and sailed between Antigua and Barbuda for a couple of weeks…  highlights – anything on dry land and all restaurants 😉   …lowlights – canned tuna and canned peaches for breakfast 😉 …limited accessibility to running water and washing my hair in the sea! 😉 …and a particularly stomach churning crossing to Barbuda where Geoff, Gary and I spent most of the 6 hours hanging over the leeward side of the boat, while my brother bravely soldiered on with captaining the  yacht to calmer waters 😉

A particularly interesting diversion for an afternoon …. whilst Geoff was mooring the boat the prop-shaft mysteriously fell out and we started to take on water… my brother took control of the ailing yacht while Geoff dived under the hull (without so much as a snorkel) to push the prop-shaft back in… what fun! …  It took about an hour and numerous dives under the boat to reinsert said prop-shaft whilst I ran round the cabin like a headless chicken gathering together our vital possessions with the full expectation that we would be sinking imminently! 😉   However, by some miracle – success 🙂  Geoff was barely breathing by the end of it and earned his multiple GnT’s that night! 🙂



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