Dubai – May 2005

Bur Dubai, The Creek

Bur Dubai, The Creek

A business trip with sightseeing advantages… 🙂   The absolute best parts were the creek (Bur Dubai) where the ‘Abra’ ferries dart about transporting the locals around the city… very colorful… and the spice souk, where the boys spent most of their time trying to avoid being persuaded to buy “unusual looking substances” 😉 which I felt sure they would never get through customs 🙂  …another unusual sight – a 2 headed camel on Jumeirah Beach 😉

Whilst this was our second trip to Dubai, we probably wouldn’t rush back to Jumeirah Beach because the construction work was so overwhelming it had destroyed much of what we had seen 15 years before… and the dust in the air was so thick it was hard to see the sun!!!

We also took a trip into the mountains/wadi’s and ended up at a market where we were persuaded to buy a silk rug we really didn’t want!!!! 😉  …not sure how the heck that happened! (the salesman was obviously very good!) 🙂

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