Motorcycling in California – June 2005

Garrapata State Park, California

Garrapata State Park, California

Due to the extreme nastiness of the forecast weather in Hilton Head where we were supposed to be heading (from New Hampshire) for another motorcycling vacation we quickly changed plans and headed out to sunny California instead. We rented Harley-Davidson’s (a Road King and a Fat Boy) and prayed they wouldn’t break down anywhere too remote 😉

We travelled the Pacific Coast highway from L.A. to Carmel/Monterey/Santa Barbara and round in circles in the inland vineyard areas pretending to be free-spirits 😉

It was spectacular as ever….wild flowers everywhere – as usual for this time of year…we managed to prise Gary off the Fat Boy for some of the better flower filled hikes and spent our time passing through undulating hills, magnificent mountain ranges and endless coastal parks….fog..sun…fog…sun…fog…sun… luckily more sun than fog considering this was summer and we might have spent the entire 2 weeks in a damp cloud 😉

Carmel – beautiful – if pretentious – although we knew that as we had been several times before…   Monterey…very touristy but enchanting in its own way….fishing boats/seals etc etc…..except for the Cannery Row which is, frankly, way too touristy for our delicate british taste……hence the photos of typical Cannery Row offerings…a “life size” plastic Homer Simpson and Bubba Gump Shrimp Company which we chose not to patronize 😉

Final stop… Santa Barbara, which we loved … might even have considered moving there if we had a spare $20M 🙂

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