Quebec City, Canada – July 2005

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Place Royale, Quebec City

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Having lived in New Hampshire for 5 years and never having seen a moose, Don and Sue (our best NH friends) promised faithfully that if we took a long and circuitous route up through New Hampshire (and suspiciously past their favorite pancake house) we would DEFINITELY see a moose!… no moose for the entire trip…  eventually we made it to Quebec City which is fab and made us feel like we were back in Europe – yippee! 😉  which was odd as we were still in continental North America…

Jenni went ziplining for the first time in her life (we all chickened out!) at Canyon Ste Anne… it was absolutely pathetic – not exactly Costa Rica…!!!!!!!  😉

The rest of the time was spent eating, lingering in cafes pretending we were in France and perusing the town streets, which was very relaxing… Geoff and Don spent much time chilling in the shade listening to the musicians whilst Sue and Jenni managed to blow the vacation budget in the very first jewellery store they visited!!! 😉  Quebec is famous for its milliners, so we all managed to blow the next vacation’s budget buying silly hats! 🙂


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