New Mexico – May 2006

Taos Pueblo

Taos Pueblo

Another fab vacation with our best New Hampshire friends, Don and Sue… 🙂

In addition to Santa Fe (fab…….but then 2 of us are artists so it’s our kinda place ), Albuquerque, Taos (less fab but still pretty) and Taos Pueblo (fab – adobe huts built by the Taos Indians some time between 1000 and 1450 AD) ….we also managed to squeeze in a very hot hike around Bandelier National Monument….if anyone says America has no history they really need to go here…11,000 years ago caveman moved in and started carving dwellings into the rock face – some large social type dwellings…..very cool 🙂

Highlight… we took them white water rafting for their first (and I suspect last!) time… to be honest it was pretty tame on the Rio Grande, but we still managed to lose both Don and Geoff over the side… there was a hairy moment when all we could see of Don were his toes sticking out from under one side of the raft….only to disappear completely in a swirl of white water until we finally found his head poking up under the other side of the raft…glad we didn’t lose him completely – it might have really ruined the rest of the vacation  😉

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