Scotland – November 2006


Kinloss, Scotland

This was the Hewlett-Packard Tru64 UNIX Customer Care Team’s final trip together and we wanted to make sure we went out in style!!! 🙂

We flew in to Glasgow, Scotland to see a customer and then stayed on for several days of scotch-tasting and quad-biking. A fab time was had by all – at least what we can remember of it after 3 ‘intensive immersion’ distillery tours 😉

The Balmenach Distillery tour was particularly memorable (at one time the oldest illegal still in Scotland). The grandfather of Euan, one of our team, was the taxman at the still decades ago and his father was born in one of the houses in the village there… this might explain Euan’s partiality to the distilled scottish water from these parts!!!! 🙂   You educated us well Euan! 🙂

Photo’s are at:–p5AjeLSvVsZ?usp=sharing


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