Skiing in Steamboat Springs, Colorado – February 2007

Jenni skiing, Steamboat Springs

Jenni skiing, Steamboat Springs

Had great time skiing in Colorado – there was a ton of snow overnight so were skiing in 5′ thick powder – eek – very hard – had to take 20 minute rest at the end of each run 😉 – and we thought we were fit 😉

Here are the photos:

The glade skiing was lovely – much more peaceful and less energetic!!   Last day skiing was the best as the powder was much lighter after another day of  snowing 🙂

Went to winter carnival – apparently it’s quite famous in these parts – interesting – they pile snow back into the middle of Main Street (after shovelling it away all winter) and then the weirdy townspeople engage in bizarre activities such as sitting on a trash can lid being towed by a galloping horse over the snow – until they fall off basically – not too many takers for that I’ll admit – but the small children on skis clinging onto a water ski rope behind a galloping horse to take a jump at the end of the street was much more popular – umm! The winner jumped 48 feet 9″ – and was about 8 years old.

Highlight was the school band on skis – naturally – then a skiing bear which fell over and was dragged on it’s furry butt 30 feet by a tractor – what else, of course!! – and finally the whole town council skiing behind them down the road – OK..said enough??

To our own list of ridiculous and reckless activities we only added snow-tubing – which was great fun – for those unaware – this is sitting in an innertube and being pushed over the side of the mountain 🙂

On a more relaxing note we found this amazing natural thermal spa in the hills behind SS – water pouring out of the side of the mountain at 98F into various shape/size pools – was beautiful – out in the snow with the wildlife running around etc 🙂 – a touch chilly getting out as you had to get changed by the side of the pools all covered in snow and slush 😉

All in all, we had a fabbo time.  Anyway – that’s it for this trip…


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