Motorcycling in Georgia and South Carolina – April 2007

Motorcycling vacation, Georgia

Motorcycling vacation, Georgia

Just got back from a few days in Georgia and South Carolina – stopped over in Savannah – beautiful city – lots of French/Spanish style mansions and a flower filled park on every street corner – Spanish moss dripping off the ancient oaks etc etc – all very deep south 😉

Here are the photo’s:

Then went motorcycling round Charleston and it’s surrounding countryside for a couple of days – surrounded by forests ( just like New Hampshire!) –  and marshes ( just like Maine!)  – so a little deja-vu really except for the Spanish moss, the poppies (as above!) and the famous avenues of Oaks everywhere (as above).We visited a plantation to get a view on life as a slave ( not great) but ended up in true US movie-obsessional style in learning more about some obscure film filmed on location there which the tour guide had had a bit part in!! 😦 …so had to go away and look up for ourselves when the slave trade ended which seemed the most important question after all!! 1865 for anyone interested! The one interesting thing we did learn was how expensive it was to buy a slave – there was a housekeeper’s “shopping list” from 1848 on display with “one negro girl – $998” – which must have been a huge amount of money back then – making buying back one’s freedom nigh on impossible I would imagine….not a world we’ll ever understand thankfully…

Charleston was every bit as smart as expected – once the richest city in the US – courtesy of the plantations of rice, pecans, indigo was definitely a step back into the past – rows and rows of huge mansions and wrought-iron decoration, images of swirly hooped skirts and sweeping staircases everywhere… were also tempted (I have no clue why, now I look back 😉 ) to take a horse drawn carriage ride – hence the daft photo;-) – it’s not a mistake we’ll ever make again as I’d read more than the driver knew and he dragged us back over the same parts we’d walked round all day only with him we did it with the aroma of horsey poo filling our every breath 😉 !!!


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