Texas – April 2007



Took a trip to Texas for Easter – had no idea what to expect but spring in Texas was absolutely beautiful!

Here are some photo’s: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/17pWiyCyWkkEgA4NZ0UVMwAJZ4O2XVTbD?usp=sharing

It’s famous for it’s wild flowers (as we discovered) so we drove the lanes in the hills region a couple of hours south of Dallas in search of bluebonnets (lupines to anyone non-Texan 😉 ) – saw zillions of them as you can see – interspersed with poppies, daisies and indian paintbrushes∑.. Was absolutely luuuuverly:-)

Never been to TX before so was first time anyone ACTUALLY said “Y’all have a nice day now ya hear” 😉

When G got “flowered-out” we headed to a renowned pit BBQ in some weirdy little town which was basically slabs of dead creature extracted from a pit and thrown onto a piece of grease proof paper (masqerading as a plate) by a one toothed local – in need of a dentist but not short on manners and friendliness – think this is the most friendly place we have ever been 🙂

Then a quick trip to San Antonio as have always wanted to go there – very touristy but lovely city to walk around – got some great pottering areas down by the river and historic sections.

After 2 days of sunshine and 75F it decided to snow – they do say if you don’t like the weather in TX – wait a minute – but frankly we thought we couldn’t wait as we only had shorts and fip flops with us 😉 so we decided to cut our losses and head home early to the sun 🙂 …will try again with Dallas and Fort Worth in a few weeks (as am still desperate for a pair of embroidered cowgirl boots;-) – don’t imagine I’m joking – I HAVE been here too long – and anyway I think it’s mandatory when you become a yank – and my interrogation date is now rapidly approaching so I guess I’ll have to start memorizing Presidents soon too 😦 )


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