Spain – June 2007




Just got back from a couple of weeks in southern Spain. Too busy to send “card” whilst actually there due to frequency of beer and tapas stops – there’s a bar on the corner of every street 😉  (so you can imagine how easy it was getting Gary and Geoff to explore instead!!!)…

Here are the photos:

Apologies for difficulty in filtering out what NOT to send – took about 1200 photos as usual 😉

Never been to Spain before (now it seems so much more strangely exotic when you’ve lived in Florida for 2 years than it was when we lived just “next door” 😉

Andalucia was lovely – from Sierra Nevada mountains to rolling hills of wild flowers, olive groves, orange groves, sunflowers, etc etc. Saw everything (in between loitering pointlessly in café’s and bars) from Seville’s Giralda tower to Granada’s Moorish Alhambra palace (most impressive building ever seen), Ronda’s famous bridge and bullring (umm..not sure about that one really), Cordoba’s mezquita, to all the pueblos blancos (white hilltop towns in the countryside) we could squeeze in.

Perfected my Spanish to the extent of asking for a table in the shade, beer and a menu – a year’s worth of classes put to good use 😉

Place was spotless and people were fab – really friendly – except Seville where they seemed to hate tourists and the food was a bit dodgy 😉

Apart from that loved it!



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