Nashville, Tennessee – October 2007



Hi y’all,

Photo’s are at:

Decided to take a weekend city break to Nashville, Tennessee – didn’t know what to expect – especially as we’ve never taken much notice of country and western music 😉 but we suspected it might be fun!! Turns out we were right 🙂

Never been anywhere in the world where you can wander about in and out of bars and dance halls (honky-tonks in the C & W world) all next door to each other in a 2 block strip and listen to live music in any of about a dozen places – almost all day long and most definitely all night ;-)!! The bands were all really good (unsurprisingly as this IS the centre of the universe for C&W and anyone trying to get discovered with a cowboy hat and a glittery shirt 😉

Heard Bluegrass bands (fun in a Deliverance kinda way 😉 …and I’ve never seen a banjo in the flesh before!), Western, Rock and Roll, Jazz (least fav) …even subjected ourselves to a visit to the biggest line-dance club in the universe (or some such other accolade) – Wildhorse Saloon – have to admit we were far too scared to try it out for fear of being trampled by a large cowboy or impaled on a pair of spurs should we make a wrong move 😉 but I reck’n we’ll try it out next time we go so long as we get lessons first ;-)!!

People were friendliest EVER – just like TX – except the food was better – especially the BBQ – drove half way round the world to visit a BBQ competition in some tiny town in the rolling hills of TN – was absolutely the best ever – couldn’t eat for at least 24 hours afterwards;-)

Nashville was excellent fun – can’t wait to go back – nope – not rushing out to buy the latest Dolly Parton album – but it was really good fun – devastated that couldn’t find a sufficiently exotic pair of cowboy boots for my needs (in Florida 😉 ) but will persevere in the search as ever..!

Apologies for the sad quality of the photos of the bands – combination of bad lighting, lack of skill and too many gin and tonics;-) still I’m sure you get the idea!!


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